5 Incredible Tips To Maintain A Healthy Swimming Pool


If you already own a swimming pool, you might know that keeping it clean can be a daunting task. Cleaning the water, filter, and pool requires a significantly high amount of maintenance and upkeep. You can ask swimming pool services to help you keep your pool sparkly clean as well. However, it comes down to a simple cleaning process and is not too difficult if you do it regularly. Here are smart tips to get you started with the pool-cleaning.

  1. Skimmers

Skimmers are small rectangular openings found at the sides of the inground pool. These openings will catch the debris of dust, pollutants, sunscreen, and dirt by drawing the surface water towards them. This way, you can keep the surface water cleaner. These skimmers are available for the ground pool as well. Emptying the skimmer’s basket regularly will help maintain cleaner water.

2 – Vacuum & Raking

Landscaping and greenery around the pool look beautiful but can become a point of concern to upkeep the swimming pool. Especially when the branches are hanging right above the water. Using a rake or pool net to scoop the debris out of the pool can get rid of the problem. Buy a light-weight but built-to-last design having a wider net to rake.

The vacuum can clean the debris that has sunk to the floor of the swimming pool. The debris includes leaves, twigs, dirt, and pollutants that can cause the water to become foggy and dirty. Weekly cleaning of the floor using a vacuum is a good start to keep the water clean.

3 – Filter Cleaning

Filters can have a drastic impact on the condition of the pool-water because of water-circulation. Water passes through the filters, and the tiny particles of pollutants cling to its surface. If the pollutants and debris clog the filter, the water can become cloudy or change the color. The filters come in several types based on their various features and uses. Every filter has a unique feature of the cleaning process. Cleaning the filter every week will ensure the water circulation stays regular.

4 – Water Chemistry

Regularly check the pool water pH level for acidity level. Having more or less acidic water in the pool can harm your skin and become a breeding ground for micro-organisms, as well. Chlorine as a shock is required in the water to get rid of such micro-organisms. Maintaining a skin-safe chlorine level is essential. Check these levels every day to ensure the water stays in the optimal range for use.

5 – Brushing

Brushing ensures the walls and surface of the pool stay clean and build-up-free. The floor and walls of the swimming pool can become slimy with particle build-up and algae growth.


Cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool is essential and can become laborious at times. Regularly cleaning and keeping up with the shocking process will make sure you have a sparkling pool. Use these tips as your guide to getting started with cleaning and maintain a healthy swimming pool.

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