6 Kitchen Styles to Consider for Your Renovation


The style of your new kitchen is such a huge decision and one that literally every design element rests on. You cannot start anything to do with your renovation until you know the style of kitchen you want. The kitchen is the heart of the home, which makes this decision a potentially tough one. There are so many lanes to choose from when it comes to kitchen style, but before you begin any renovation work, make sure you have a clear plan and know what you are doing. If you’re lacking inspiration, here are six popular kitchen styles that you could consider for your kitchen renovation.

1.     Traditional

A traditional kitchen is timeless and elegant yet comforting and inviting. It combines both traditional and contemporary elements, but the details of which see huge variations from home to home. A lot of traditional kitchens combine tiling, paint, and accenting with details like panelling, backsplashes, and marble countertops. Often incorporating natural wood elements alongside vintage draw pulls and upholstered seating. No two traditional kitchens are the same, but that is the charm of the style.

2.     Modern

Generally, modern kitchens go for more of a minimalist look with a few artistic instalments. They are bold yet simple and utilise straight lines and clean cuts. Modern kitchen styles tend to give off a zen environment, free of clutter, and really accentuating the chosen materials. Clean cut countertops, simple cabinet designs, and enough storage space to keep everything out of sight and tucked away. But modern kitchens always add a pop of colour in a sophisticated manner, whether it is through houseplants or high quality, luxury appliances. The polished elements of a modern kitchen give this style its sleek finish.

3.     Rustic

Utilising natural elements, a rustic style kitchen has an abundance of wood and stone to give an earthy, nature-inspired look. The rustic style derives influence from a wide range of design elements, making them truly versatile and giving you many options and directions to consider. Keeping with nature, opt for an authentic wooden floor from Quick-Step alongside design elements like distressed finishes, a mix of textures, and a range of tapestries. Think log cabin meets simple and practical nature.

4.     Beach

For those of you that dream of living by the sea, bring the coastal vibe to your home with cool blues, beachy neutrals, and crisp white finishes. For a beach style kitchen, you want to create a light, airy space with a touch of natural beach features like sand, seagrass, and driftwood. Choosing to go for vinyl flooring gives you a wide range of light, beach-like options and whitewashed countertops will give you a real Grecian beach resort feeling. Top it off with seashells, creations made from sea glass, and other bits and bobs that you pick up from the beach and you’ll be on a beach holiday in your kitchen each and every day.

Having a clear idea on the style of kitchen you want before renovating is absolutely crucial. Hopefully, your imagination is now running wild with all the possibilities, and you’ll be well on your way to having your dream kitchen in no time.

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