6 Warning Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Services in Boston

Homeowners with an HVAC system should keep up with their system and what signs it may be giving of needing a repair. These signs can help you spot a required repair before the problem gets worse. We’re going to go over 6 warning signs that you might need Boston air conditioning services. Let’s dive into these warning signs you should keep an eye out for. 

6 Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Services

Keeping an eye out for warning signs is the best way to know if you need Boston air conditioning services or not. These warning signs might indicate a problem, so if you notice any of these signs then be sure to contact Boston air conditioning services to get a plan for a repair. Here are the warning signs to watch out for. 

Air Conditioning is Blowing Warm Air

Your air conditioning system is meant to keep your home cool and comfortable for your family. If your air conditioning is blowing warm air then you can almost immediately tell that there is an issue. If your air conditioning system is blowing out warm or hot air then contact a repair company as soon s possible. 

Odors Coming From Air Conditioning 

If you find that a smell comes every time your turn on your air conditioning, then this could be a warning sign. These odors can mean that there is water damage, condensation, humidity, and other mold and mildew growing circumstances. If you are smelling a mildew type of smell, then you most likely have a water problem and possibly a mol problem. 

Weak Air Flow

If your air conditioning doesn’t seem to blow as hard as it did before then you may have a problem. This can lead to a warmer indoor temperature due to it not being able to cool as quickly as usual. This can be caused by duct issues or by compressor problems, so either way, it’s best t contact a professional repair company. 

Water Leaks 

If you notice water leaking from your air conditioning unit, you should call Boston air conditioning services for a repair. The liquid seen around your air conditioning unit can be water, freon, or a mixture of both. If your air conditioning is leaking freon, then you most definitely will feel a temperature difference inside. 

High Electric Bill

A high electric bill is the result of an overworking air conditioning system. When there is an issue that needs to be repaired within an air conditioning system this usually means that the unit is working much harder to push out cold air into your home. This of course makes your energy bill rise due to the extra energy used for the air conditioning. So if you notice a sudden unexplained jump or if your bill continually gets higher every time then this could be a problem. 

Humidity In Your Home

The air conditioning in your home is not only used to cool your house and keep it at a comfortable temperature but it’s also used to remove humidity and moisture from the air. If you find that your home is feeling a bit stickier than usual then you may have an air conditioning problem. 

BONUS: Your System Is 20+ Years Old      

Air conditioning systems work properly up until about the 20-year mark. The air conditioning system won’t just stop working when it hits 20 years, but it will not be functioning as well as it once did and it may need repairs. It’s best to replace your unit once it’s hit the 20 year mark. 

How To Maintain Your HVAC 

The key to avoiding emergency repairs for your air conditioning is proper maintenance. Many homeowners might not know this, but getting a yearly inspection on your air conditioning can help to spot any potential issues before they become emergency problems. Dealing with a broken HVAC system is not fun, especially in the summer months, so getting an inspection can help to catch issues ahead of time. It also keeps sit clean, runs smoothly, and ensures that it will be cooling properly. 

Do I Need Boston Air Conditioning Services?

If you have noticed any of the warning signs above then you should call for Boston air conditioning services. The professionals can help determine the cause of your problem and come up with an action plan to repair it. If you are looking to have your air conditioning system inspected then contacting an air conditioning company can get you started on your first inspection.

The Bottom Line

Keeping up with the warning signs of air conditioning problems and your annual inspections can help to catch problems early on. If there are signs of HVAC issues then it’s best to call for Boston air conditioning services in order to repair your air conditioning. Keeping up with your annual inspection can help catch problems early, keep your system running smoothly, and keep your energy bill low.