7 Unusual Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home


Increasing the value of your home isn’t all about adding luxury items or cultivating an improved kerb appeal. In fact, many methods to improve a property’s value significantly have yet to earn mainstream recognition. These modern trends remain unusual to the mainstream. Still, they are quickly gaining popularity among first-time buyers, making them worth knowing, especially if you’re looking to improve your return on investment and benefit from the currently buoyant housing market.

Secret Rooms

Having a room concealed or obscured in some way is quickly becoming a sought-after interior design. Some homeowners are simply designing entrances to reading nooks and entertainment rooms to blend in with the decor, whereas others are replacing the doors with bookcases, hiding the latch inside a novel!

Pizza Not Pools

One of the assets most commonly associated with a property’s value is a swimming pool. However, quickly taking over in popularity, likely due to a growing culinary culture, is the pizza oven. There are certain compact models available, designed with similar appeal to the Big Green Egg but it is the adobe clay dome ovens, built with high-quality fire bricks, that are increasing a home’s value most notably.

Private Cabin

Log cabins are so often associated with decadent and wild retreats hidden deep within the woods. However, now, this atmosphere can be brought into a residential area with homes establishing their very own private cabins in their garden spaces.

Some are being used as guest cabins and dining areas, whereas others are becoming office spaces for newly remote workers.

Celebrity Value

If your home has in any way been associated with a public figure or a historical event then it is worth celebrating this, either by having the celebrity value or importance certified with a plaque or, if the association is more casual, then with clever and creative design. Even relatively niche historical value can add a great deal of value to a home.

Pick A Name

The creative naming of a home has often been used by rural properties, especially cottages, to distinguish them among the countryside. These property titles, such as Rise, Cottage, and Mount are now becoming more common in urban areas too, creating a new wave of property titles. What’s particularly interesting is that, when compared with typical numbers, property names are generally associated with property value!

Sustainable Design

Buyers are more often looking for properties that both benefit the environment and help to reduce energy bills amind rising costs. Sustainable design meets both of these criteria and property owners with solar panel installation and compost systems are finding themselves receiving more competitive offers.

Projection Over Screen

Television screens are no longer the most desirable home entertainment set-ups. Instead, it is projectors that take the crown. The installation of a home projection system is more intricate and often requires rewiring, however, it is a worthy investment as a well-established cinema experience will earn far more return on investment than a space-inefficient television screen.

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