7 Warning Signs for Emergency Roof Repair Services


The benefits of early discovery of roof problems are many. Paying attention to the warning signs for emergency roof repairs can save you a lot of money on expensive repairs, protect your home from interior damage from mold and mildew growth, and help to extend the life of your roof. Considering that a full roof replacement can be expensive and time-consuming, you want to ensure that minor roof problems do not get worse before you attend to them.

Climbing the roof to inspect it yourself is not a good idea, especially because of the risks involved. So, you want a professional to get it done. In this article, we present to you seven warning signs for emergency roof repair service. 

Loose or missing shingles

Shingles can become loose or dislodged by heavy rain and high winds. If left unrepaired, loose and missing shingles can result in serious damage to the roof. Fixing this is relatively cheap roof maintenance if fixed as soon as discovered. You should note that there are times that missing shingles is an indication that you need a roof replacement. So, it is important that you contact a roofing contractor for inspection as soon as you notice that shingles are missing. Doing this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Sagging roof

This can be caused by a number of things. For example, if your roof is old, it can start to sag, which is a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. A recently installed roof that sags is most likely telling you that it was not installed correctly. A roof can also sag if the rafters have become damp, thereby making the wood weak. In this case, the best thing to do is to repair or replace the roof as soon as possible.

Shingle granules falling off your roof

A discovery of some shingle granules in the gutters shouldn’t bother you if you have composite or asphalt shingles. However, you may need to have your shingles replaced if you start to notice a lot of granules falling off your roof. The kind of granules we are talking about is like coarse, black sand.

Water damage

Another sign that you need an emergency roof repair service is if you notice any water damage in the walls within your home. You may also want to check your attic for signs of water damage or mold. Water damage is one of the signs that come with a leaking roof. This should be addressed immediately to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in your home.

Storm damage

The storm is one of the common causes of roof damage. If you’ve experienced a storm and you have reasons to believe that your roof may have been affected, it would be best to contact a professional for a roof inspection. Obvious signs of storm damage would include broken or missing shingles, and also water leaks into the attic just after the storm.

Daylight shining through the roof

If you notice that daylight is shining through the roof in your attic, then you can be certain that rain and wind can get through it. This is a clear sign that your roof has an urgent need for repair. A discovery of light shining through the roof is either an indication that some shingles need to be replaced or that the roof is due for replacement.

Increase in energy bills

A damaged roof can place more demand on your heating and air conditioning systems, making them do extra work to be able to maintain the temperature within your home. This could manifest in a gradual or sharp increase in your energy bills. That goes to say that a well-maintained roof could save you some extra dollars on energy bills. So, you need an emergency roof repair service when you notice an unusual increase in your electric bills.

What to do if you need emergency roof repair services

Regular inspection is a very important part of your roof maintenance. Most roofing contractors recommend that your roof should be inspected before autumn and winter. This gets you prepared for whatever comes and gives you enough time to get your roof repaired while the weather is still favorable.

Early repairs will prevent the roof damage from getting worse and save you money on expensive repairs.


Voila! You have the 7 warning signs for emergency roof repair service. Considering that climbing up onto your roof is a risky pursuit, the signs we have presented are noticeable from inside your house or from the ground. Waste no time in contacting a reputable roofing contractor when you notice any of these warning signs. Ensure that you check your contractor’s reputation on online resources like the Better Business Bureau.

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