Everything To Know About Types Of Packaging When Moving


Beforehand, each item in your home needs to be packed with a specific type of packing for the move. There are countless options used in the market, but to make it easier, alliance moving and storage have separated 3, which we consider more efficient, have a better cost-benefit ratio, and are easy to use.

Bubble Plastic

In short, this is the darling of every good moving company. Bubble wrap provides rugged protection, reduces impact, protects against scratches, and insulates from odors and liquids that may leak during transport. It is recommended to use this package to change furniture, sofas, beds, appliances, glass, and mirrors.

In summary, bubble wrap has different models. The most recommended is the one with large bubbles (more significant than the traditional ones we are used to) and a resistant plastic that is difficult to break. You can test by trying to tear off a piece, and if you can easily, this is not the recommended model for your change. Thus, the most suitable plastics usually need the help of a knife to be ripped.

In short, this moving pack is usually sold in rolls of 30, 50, and 100 meters and can be found at packing companies or directly with moving companies.

Cardboard Boxes

On the other hand, the boxes will help you store all your small belongings, decoration items, kitchen utensils, clothes, books, and many other things. There are several size options on the market. Thus, the ideal is to buy varied, with a more significant number of medium boxes (30X30X40). Please make sure the boxes are resistant and when packing, always check that the bottom of the box is not being forced, which could cause it to open and everything to fall during transport.

However, be careful when stacking the boxes! Place the heaviest one’s underneath and if any boxes in a pile start to dent the sides, immediately remove the boxes above them and place them in new piles. Also, remember to seal all boxes tightly with masking tape.

Cardboard Or Impact-Reducing Cardboard

At first glance, this type of packaging is not always used by alliance moving and storage and may appear to be less than functional. However, it can be an excellent ally to protect corners of furniture, glass, television fronts, and other appliances.

This package is thick cardboard, with undulations that reduce impact and avoid scratches. They are usually sold by moving packaging companies or directly with moving companies. You will always find it in rolls of 30 meters and should be used with bubble wrap.

Beforehand, know that the roll is quite heavy and you will need the help of one more person to carry it. However, if your move has few items, don’t worry about buying this package; focus more bubble wrap on delicate furniture and glass and mirrors.

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