How To Stop Rats Climbing Drain Pipes And House

It is estimated worldwide that rats eat thousands of tons of grain and other materials over one year. Besides big warehouses, railway stations, offices, and farms, rats are also found in our homes. Getting rid of rats is a big headache. At home, apart from the grains, papers, and clothes kept in the kitchen, they can do a lot of damage to your garden. If not taken care of on time, they increase their numbers quickly, become uncontrollable, and start creating turmoil.

Rats climb drain pipes due to the water levels, which are sometimes constant. The decreasing levels of water are difficult for breeding families of rats since their children are easily carried away by powerful currents.

Rats rest at night and their female counterparts must also protect their youngsters from predators like snakes. They will want access to the walls and roof of the house by drains to make a comfortable area. If they can access the gutters in the troughs, they will return to the sewer to eat and water.

How To Stop Rats Climbing Drain Pipes?

Do not pour anything in the sink which can block drains or provide food to the rats. Time-to-time inspects the drain system pipes to make sure it is not damaged. You can install a rat gate at every entry point into your drainage system to stop rats from entering your house.

Follow Some Tips To Avoid Rat Entry Points:

  • Wherever water is dripping inside or outside the house, immediately seals it. Close all the rat entry points. See if there are any holes and if the discarded food items are lying on the side.
  • Home security checks inside the house; we should try that the rat cannot enter our house. Security check is the most effective way to avoid rats. Rats need little space to enter your house, and your little carelessness can make rats a guest of your home.
  • Windows, skylights, and carelessness can also lead to the entry of rats. If there is any hole in the house, then it can be closed by applying white cement, even from drains, etc.
  • Regular cleaning of the house Clean Up Keep all the food items in the kitchen in air-tight plastic containers and clean the kitchen regularly, keep in mind that there should not be any food grains lying here and there. Any similar food left in plastic bags and boxes is like a big feast for rats; they are drawn to eat and dispose of them properly.