Packing Up For Your Next Move

Moving is always seen as an exciting time with the opportunity for new adventures just around the corner in your new home. However, the moving process isn’t always seen as an enjoyable one. Wildcat Movers has created a detailed infographic showcasing some helpful and necessary tips that homeowners can take to ensure a stress-free move.

It’s recommended to organize the belongings you plan on bringing to the new home. It is advised to pack up each room individually to make boxes easily distinguishable, this way you know which box goes into what room. Another tip is to use different colors of packing tape when taping up boxes. For example, red-taped boxes go in the bedroom while blue-taped boxes go in the kitchen.

Moving clothes can be a task in and of itself. To create more space for yourself, you can vacuum seal clothes in storage bags, as well as other bulky items like bedsheets and comforters. You can also always choose to donate unwanted clothes.

One final piece of advice is to overestimate the time and effort it takes to complete a given task. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid rushing and making mental mistakes. Also, be stocked with any tools or pieces of equipment you may need, such as tape and spare moving boxes.

For more moving tips like these, please see the provided guide.

Guide created by Wildcat Movers