Some Important Tips On How To Clean And Organize The House


To avoid drowning in the cleaning during isolation against the coronavirus, euromaids have proved that it is possible to maintain cleanliness and organization with little effort.

  1. Align Utensils

For exposed objects, the rule is to keep them aligned. This simple act will make the view of the environment more harmonious. The same goes for the dining room: keep chairs tidy, decorative accessories centered, and stacks of books and magazines tidy. Also, straighten the hanging pictures because they give the impression of chaos when they are crooked.

  1. Let It Go

Be a detached person. The fewer things around the house, the quicker the cleaning will be. Avoid having too many small objects and decorative pieces on shelves, coffee tables, and nightstands. They make cleaning difficult and sometimes make the environment visually polluted. The more visible objects, the greater the messy feeling.

  1. Make Routine A Habit

If you always put your clothes in the closet before bed or do the dishes after they get dirty, you’ll do this automatically over time. Practice will become a habit, not an obligation. The more you do something daily, the more you will include it in your routine.

  1. Divide The Tasks

All residents must take care of the house. Separate tasks with other residents. If everyone is willing to help, there is no reason for cleaning to take more than 15 minutes a day. If you live alone, use the most efficient equipment to do multiple tasks in less time.

  1. Aromatize The Environment

Light candles, spray an air freshener, diffusers, or use plug versions. When an environment smells good, the feeling of comfort and cleanliness is heightened, which can (magically) affect our view of the place. Use sprays on fabrics such as napkins and towels to maximize the effect.

  1. Clean Household Appliances Often

Dirt in the oven, microwave, and refrigerator form flat crusts to remove. Therefore, always sanitize kitchen appliances. The same goes for utensils. Please don’t risk losing pans and accessories for having left them in the sink for too long. Proper washing ensures that your utensils last longer and can be used in the best way.

  1. Bet On Good Tools

Two cloths, detergent, broom, squeegee, bar soap, and powder can be enough for a good cleaning. But new gadgets, tools, products, and utensils are welcome. If possible, buy items that will make cleaning your home by euromaids more accessible or pleasant.

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