Take a day to organize your finances

If you are like most people, you regularly set aside time to clean your house, garage, or closet. It’s just as important for taking the time to organize your finances. The following checklist can help you get started:

· Cancel a credit card that is not used – if you pay an annual fee on a credit card or another account that you don’t use, you throw money. So, cash in the prize point you have obtained and then cancel the account. Of course, consider whether to cancel the card negatively affect your credit rating.

· Cancel membership that is not used – if the exercise routine in a new home has replaced your trip to a health club or a gym, or if you are no longer playing golf in the course, consider canceling your membership. Even if you have to pay a fee, you can quickly close your financial loss.

· Consolidated Account – You don’t need some checks, savings, investment, pensions or credit card accounts, but many people maintain it – Often because it takes extra time in advance to be consolidated. Maintaining many accounts can increase the amount of time you spend open a letter, reconcile the statement, save notes and pay bills. When it comes to credit, you can also get more prizes if you stick to one or two cards.

· Negotiate better offers with your service provider – whether it’s a cable, internet or waste relieving company, chances are you can negotiate a better level. Just take the time to get a quote from competitors. If they offer lower rates for the same service, return to your service provider to see if they will match the price to keep your business. If not, switch to someone new.

· Update your financial record – Make a list of your current financial accounts, contacts and passwords. Save this information in a safe and safe place.

· Update your recipient’s assignment – the design of your recipient overwrites your will. So, if you have experienced marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, or death, make sure the appointment of beneficiaries reflects your wishes.

· Review your home and car insurance coverage – Make sure your coverage reflects your current requirements. Also, the price of coverage is the same as a different provider. Do you switch to a new provider or use this information to attack the agreement with your current provider, you can save a significant amount.

· Simplify your investment – if tracking various investments makes you stressed, consider the allocation of assets or accounts managed. Try managing and tracking too many investment accounts can require a lot of time and, if you are not in detail, it can prevent you from making the best investment choice for your portfolio. Consider working with a financial professional to help you manage your finances and help you determine what type of investment is most suitable for you.