Top 3 Emergency Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Emergencies can happen at the worst times, but it is good to be prepared for those situations. When you need to stop a sudden plumbing emergency, you need the right tool for the job. However, many people find themselves confused about which tools to bring along in an emergency plumbing situation.

Here are the top 3 emergency plumbing tools every homeowner should have:


A plunger is a vital plumbing tool that can be used to unclog pipes and also to remove bulky items. To be effective, the plunger must be rubber with flexibility so that it can get squeezed easily. It also has a flange that fits into the drain hole or overflow hole for better suction. Some plungers have flexible heads which can bend with the shape of the drain and fit in awkward spaces such as those around pipes.


Pliers are a plumbing tool that serves two functions: clamping and cutting. As a clamp, pliers are used to hold pipes together when gluing, twisting, or soldering. Pliers can also be used to bend or straighten pipes and wires.

Duct tape

Duct tape has a wide assortment of uses around the house. Pipes, cracked foundations, and roofs are just some of the many things you can fix with duct tape. The magic of duct tape is that it’s elastic enough to conform to pipes and other shapes and durable enough to withstand weight and pressure.

When it’s time to call for an emergency plumbing repair

No matter where you are, a plumbing emergency can happen at any time. Hiring a plumbing repair company is a wise decision when you’re dealing with an emergency, such as a burst pipe, clogged toilet, broken sprinkler, or smelly septic tank.

Many homeowners try to fix and maintain their plumbing system around the house by themselves, but this DIY approach can be unwise! Don’t perform DIY plumbing repair yourself. Unless you have the required knowledge and experience and the right set of tools to perform the job, it is best to leave your home plumbing projects to the experts. Contact a reputable plumbing company in your local area today!