What You Need To Know About The Interior Design Genres Of Modern Architecture ?

Interior design has been around for as long as residential buildings have existed. It can be as simple as the use of wood, stone, bricks, and live plants to make buildings more lively and homely. This makes the buildings appear more beautiful and special. Nowadays, interior design is not just about loneliness, it is now about the combination of form, structure, functionality, and beauty. This article covers all you need to know about the genres of interior designs of modern architecture, especially ultra-luxury apartments.

Minimalism Interior Design

As the name suggests, this type of design focuses on giving every piece of art and furniture used in the design a specific function within the space. Minimalist designs offer functionality and simplicity without appearing grandiose. Natural colors, uncluttered spaces, avoidance of unnecessary decorations and furniture characterize the minimalist design of modern architecture. Miguel Rueda Designs, an interior design firm in Los Angeles, is famous for this genre of interior design.

Industrial Interior Design

This industrial interior design arranges the space in the form and feel of factories and manufacturing buildings of the second millennium. New York, London, and Berlin were the birthplace of this genre of interior design. It features exposed pipes, wooden frameworks, concrete flooring, high ceilings, open-plan floors, and brick walls. The design is usually used to transform abandoned warehouses and neglected factories into luxury apartments.

Modern Rustic Interior Design

This interior design stylishly combines modern decorations with antique pieces and wooden structures. The aim is to make the building appear rustic. Modern rustic interior design features the use of antiques (which add depth and character to the design) and wooden designs which make the design classy. It is perfect for ultra-luxury apartments.

Modern Glamor Interior Design

This genre is the most expressive interior design featured in this article. It combines colors beautifully and it is a very loud interior design genre. It combines the characteristics of Hollywood glamour with modern architectural marvel to create colorful and sumptuous designs. It is suitable for ultra-luxury apartments and it is favored by Miguel Rueda.


Irrespective of the genre of design you are going for, it is important to consult expert interior designers who will guide you from selection to finishing. When it comes to interior designs, your imagination is the limit.