5 most common issues found during a home inspection

Are you planning to list your home for sale? Do you want to know the usual deal-breakers in home sales? Are you searching for the common things that are uncovered in home inspections to assess your home? Do not stress out; read more to know the five most common issues usually found during a home inspection to position your property for a great sale opportunity.

1. Rundown Roofing

Roofs usually fail during a home inspection, whether due to poor maintenance or because they are nearing their life expectancy. An asphalt shingle roof has a life expectancy of 15-20 years. The roof’s poor condition is usually exposed by being curled up, brittle, or broken. Other signs like flashing or leaky spots also contribute to the negative report on the roof’s condition.

However, regular maintenance could help prevent the roof from falling into a dire state of disrepair that can cost up to $10,000 to replace. Before listing your property, check your roof and replace damaged shingles and flashing. Recaulk exposed areas as well.

2. Damaged Windows and Doors

It is not surprising that windows and doors are among the common things that are uncovered in home inspections. The reason for their appearing in the home inspection report is primarily caused by negligence. Worn-out windows and doors are usually characterized by damaged frames, warped panels, difficult operations, drafts and air leaks, rot, and lots more.

It is important to know that replacing windows and doors usually increases the chances of the home getting sold at a great price.

3. Poor Electrical Wiring and Undersized Electrical Panel

Another problem usually detected during a home inspection is poor Electrical system in the home. The issues usually found include missing junction boxes, reverse polarity, undersized electrical panels, inadequate outlets causing the use of electrical strips, signs of overheating, and much more.

This problem can be prevented by hiring a licensed electrician to inspect the electrical system in the home and upgrade the entire system.

4. Waterproofing Problems

Many homes have poor waterproofing issues, which cause the basement to be subject to flooding. Related to that problem are the drainage problem, poor grading, and the basement not being waterproofed. Some of the signs found include mould, mildew, water patches on the walls and floor, leaky basement, etc.

Hire a basement waterproofing contractor to conduct in-depth waterproofing of the basement and walls, regrade the floors to tilt away from the home, construct a good drainage system. etc.

5. Pest Infestations

Potential homebuyers are usually turned off by pests infestations, especially termites. Home invaded by termites and other wood-eating insects undoubtedly suffer significant structural damages, if not addressed early. Experienced home inspectors usually detect pest infestations no matter how much the problems are covered.

To avoid significant structural damage to the home, hire a professional pest control company to contain the problem before the home is inspected.


Other issues most commonly found during home inspections are explained above. Keep in mind to invest in replacement windows and doors before the home is inspected. The curb appeal of the house will be greatly enhanced.