A Treasure Trove of Inspiring Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas


The bedroom is one of the main rooms in the house; after all, it is where we rest after an intense day of work or studies. Therefore, nothing is more fair than putting together a perfect decoration for this space.

If your room is large, you can take advantage of the space in different ways without taking away the beauty and functionality of the place. Here are five useful tips from Zenith Design + Build for decorating a large bedroom. Continue reading and check out what they are!

  1. Install a closet in the bedroom

The closet is a space used to store clothes and accessories, whether with planned or modular furniture. Some people think having one is expensive, but it’s not true!

You can have a closet spending little; invest in modular furniture cheaper than the planned ones. In addition to the lower price, they have the advantage of mobility and reorganizing the area whenever you want. You can reuse this furniture in other areas of the house, making the investment worthwhile. In addition to modular furniture, you can guarantee a mirror for the closet, making it even more complete.

To finish decorating this space, consider using special lighting that mixes white and yellow lights. If you want to separate the closet from the rest of the room visually, bet on hollow or solid dividers.

  1. Set up a home office in one of the corners

Is one corner of the room empty, and do you need a perfect area to work in? In this case, one solution is to use this space to set up a home office! You can use a desk or more economical solutions such as a sideboard or shelf as a table. Additionally, you can install drawers, shelves, and niches, among other items, to decorate the area.

If you want to visually separate the sleeping space from the area dedicated to work, the recommendation is to use dividers or accessories such as different rugs in both places. Thus, besides separating the environments, you can complement your decor.

  1. Go for large furniture

In large rooms, using Inspiring Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas, you can install furniture with ample internal space, having much more area for organizing items. Another benefit is the possibility of using a large double bed, such as a queen or king, for maximum space and comfort to rest every day.

Every time you buy new furniture, be careful to check that it is proportionate to your room and measure the area where you intend to install it. That way, it’s easier to know if it’s suitable for the space, ensuring a more beautiful look for the room as if it were filled in correctly.

Another tip about furniture is investing in armchairs, shoehorns, and other pieces not normally found in small rooms due to lack of space. Thus, the environment becomes much more functional.

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