5 proven strategies to accelerate business growth


If you are like most women in business, you are looking for a new strategy to stimulate growth. Is the solution to communicate better or how to manage the best employees, here are 5 proven strategies to accelerate business growth:

Expand through the Alliance Partnership
A very effective strategy to expand your business is to form an alliance with companies that don’t compete. This gives you the presence of instant marketing in front of potential clients. Do you know other companies to whom you share customers together? You have to run, not walk to find out who they are and how you can work together and benefit from each other.

For example, let’s say you are a broker … the idea partnership will include realtors, mortgage lenders, degree companies, assessors, insurance agents and home builders. The key to this is to learn as much as you can about the business of each partner so you can promote it as you have. This new strategic alliance will allow each of you to grow faster because you have a sales team that works on your behalf. Very reasonable to work smarter and no more difficult!

To find a business that complements yours, records each product or service that has been linked that you do not offer but it is related to what you do.

Here is 3 D for healthy collaboration:

Draft the agreement that describes partnership expectations
Develop a bond with your new alliance partner
Decide how marketing activities will begin between partners such as distributing marketing materials in various network functions, exchanging banners and links on the website or sharing large marketing projects.
Build a high-performance internal team
Your employees are your business life. Treat them well! Promote a healthy and professional culture so that they share your company’s mission, vision, goals, and metrics. In addition, challenge and hold every accountable employee to achieve extraordinary results. It requires serious dedication and commitment to your part, but worth it.

Here are 5 ways to invest in your employees:

Give competitive wages
Develop Benefit Packages
Leave a flexible schedule.
Offering professional development through education and training
Make progress opportunities
By providing security for your employees, you will have a dedicated and loyal team. This can cause the long-term success of your company.

Join Women Networks.
Many of us know the value of the network. As women, it’s important to support each other. A great way to do this is by joining and participating in women’s networks. Nobody likes to socialize with the same-minded professionals! The network is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools and the main generation for small businesses.

There are many advantages to joining targeted networks and designed by and for women.

For example, you can:

Create connection and develop your business
Learn from industry leaders
Get answers to your most urgent problems
A long form of personal and professional relationships
Network, bribery and empower other people in their business activities
Go business green
Many women choose to adapt to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. Manage the green business that is intelligent environment and good for the point of your business because it allows you to save resources and reduce waste … Thus, save your money!

Here are 5 green tips:

Read emails from your computer. Avoid printing to save paper.
Use an invoice and electronic statement. This saves shipping costs.
Scan and email instead of fax. Again, save paper costs
Turn off the equipment when it’s not used. This can reduce energy costs by up to 50%.
Use natural light during the day. Substantial savings on your power bill
This is a small and simple way to be green – but can produce big results!

Pay ahead
The aim of paying it just by taking a focus of yourself and finding ways to make good action that will be positive

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