8 Do’s and Don’ts When You Rent a Party Bus


Renting a party bus can take any celebration or special event to the next level. Having a luxury coach with amenities like surround sound, dancing poles, neon lights, and leather couches adds a touch of exclusivity and excitement. However, there are some important do’s and don’ts you should follow to ensure you have the best and safest party bus experience.

Do #1: Book Early

Party bus demand spikes for popular weekends and holidays like New Years Eve, bachelor parties, prom season and major events or concerts. If you have your heart set on a specific type of party bus, book it 4-6 months in advance. This locks in availability before buses get reserved. Last minute party bus booking is risky and limits options. Visit website to book now.

Don’t: Overload Passenger Capacity

Party buses have strict, legal passenger limits based on weight and seat belts. Exceeding the safe capacity risks injuries, accidents, and penalties or citations. Be sure you know the exact passenger capacity before booking. Don’t try squeezing extra people on the bus past the limits.

Do #2: Define Your Itinerary

Provide the party bus company with a specific itinerary of your pickup location, stops, and final drop off time. This allows them to plan appropriate routes, timing, and number of drivers needed. Trying to make multiple unplanned stops or changes last minute can disrupt the schedule. Providing an itinerary upfront ensures everything runs smoothly.

Don’t: Leave Trash Behind

Never leave a huge mess of bottles, cans, confetti, food waste or other trash on the party bus. Make use of the trash bags and bins provided. Exit debris can lead to hefty clean up fees added by the bus company. Treat the interior of the luxury coach with reasonable care and clean up after yourself.

Do #3: Assign a Trip Organizer

Appoint one person in your group to act as the main planner and point of contact with the party bus company. This gives them one main contact rather than fielding calls and questions from many individuals. The organizer can coordinate the itinerary, head count, music, beverages and more into one plan.

Don’t: Overdo Alcohol

While drinks are standard on a party bus, don’t over do it with alcohol. Intoxicated, belligerent, and dangerous behavior cannot be tolerated for everyone’s safety. Bring non-alcoholic beverages as well and pace drinks appropriately throughout the duration of the rental. The bus driver has authority to end the trip early if needed.

Do #4: Prepare Entertainment

Work with your party bus company ahead of time to pre-plan entertainment like music playlists, karaoke, dancing poles, disco lights, party games, etc. Preparing activities keeps the energy lively. You can even theme your party bus around favorite decades, shows, or genres. Having entertainment lined up ensures you make the most of the onboard amenities.

Don’t: Open Alcohol Containers Upon Exit

Many states prohibit open containers of alcohol in public areas. When exiting the party bus, be discrete with any open beverages and finish them before exiting. This avoids the risk of citations. Only bring open drinks off the bus if in discrete plastic cups or koozies. Better yet, finish drinks while onboard so they aren’t wasted.

Do #5: Respect Noise Levels

Party buses allow you to get the party going wherever you roam! However, be respectful of noise levels when stopped or traveling through quiet areas and neighborhoods. Keep windows closed and music moderate to avoid disturbing others, especially late at night. Remember the bus is essentially a giant amplifier.

Don’t: Forget the Driver Tip

Party bus drivers work extremely hard not just driving, but making sure everyone has an amazing time. Remember to collect a generous tip for the driver at the end of your journey. 15-20%+ of the total rental cost is standard. For exceptional service, an even larger tip is appreciated. Don’t stiff the person who ensured you had an epic party on wheels!

Do #6: Take Photos!

A party bus is the ultimate photo opportunity! Have friends ready to snap tons of pics both inside and outside the bus in various locations. Unique party bus photos can instantly elevate your social media profiles. You’ll also have lasting memories of the amazing time you had cruising in VIP style.

Don’t: Damage the Bus

Avoid causing any damage to the luxury coach at all costs. You will be held financially liable for repairs of any property damage. This includes spills, stains, rips, broken fixtures, equipment damages, etc. Party hard but treat the interior with care so the party bus company doesn’t hit you with a massive bill.

Do #7: Review Company Policies

Carefully review all company policies on deposits, fees, cancellations, damages, parking, alcohol rules, etc. Follow all rules to avoid issues or surprises. Make sure you have a clear written contract or rental agreement outlining both sides’ responsibilities. Know what is and isn’t allowed or you may forfeit your deposit.

Don’t: Leave Anyone Behind

When departing the party bus, one person should be tasked with ensuring NO ONE gets left behind, no matter their condition. Check all areas of the bus thoroughly. Leaving someone stranded is awful. They likely have no phone, money, or way home. Confirm you have the whole group before deboarding.

Do #8: Have Safe Sober Transportation Home

At the end of your party bus experience, make sure you have pre-planned, safe transportation to get everyone home. Whether it’s designated drivers, ride shares, taxis, or public transit, setup your return trip ahead of time. Never let heavily impaired passengers try driving themselves or walking long distances unattended.

Don’t: Smoke Anything Illegal

Marijuana and other substances are illegal in most states and prohibited by party bus companies. Don’t smoke anything other than legal tobacco products on board. You may be hit with cleaning/damage fines if the vehicle smells of smoke after your trip. The bus and your group could even be stopped by police if caught smoking illegal substances.

Renting a party bus can take celebrations to the next level! By following these do’s and don’ts, you’ll have the most epic experience possible on your luxury coach.

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