Reasons Why You Should Update Your Home with Timber Decking


Timber decking may withstand significant abuse without displaying any indications of wear and tear. In addition to this, it does not rot, attract pests, or get ruined by wetness. A homeowner with just fundamental carpentry skills is capable of installing it themselves.

It is impossible to equal the pleasure of entering your house via the back door and immediately going out onto the deck. It not only acts as an outstanding entryway to your garden, but also functions as a comfortable hangout space for you and your visitors. Jarrah decking also provides a number of additional benefits, including its aesthetic value, lifespan, and versatility. Decking may be used in a variety of settings. Decking is the finest update you can make to your outside area, and here are reasons why.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Timber Decking

Timber decking elevates the overall look of a home. With the many varieties, styles, and designs homeowners can choose from, they can update their homes without too much work. Jarrah timber decking may be one of the many choices you can consider for your timber decking.

1.   Create More Space

If you want to expand the amount of space in your home that can be put to practical use, timber decking’s an excellent option to consider. Timber decking is an aesthetically stunning flooring solution that can be used for your home’s dining set or furniture. Because of this, it is excellent for changing your outdoor area into a location that can be used for entertaining friends or just resting in the sun.

Decking made of wood is a wonderful option to use as the groundwork for your outdoor living space within your backyard. Jarrah timber decking is rapidly replacing concrete and pavers as the go-to surface for outdoor living spaces because it is warmer underfoot in the winter and absorbs less heat in the summer.

2.   Elevated Gatherings

Homeowners who have an irregularly shaped lot usually get the impression that they are restricted in the landscaping options available to them for their property. The installation of timber decking, which can be done even on unlevel terrain, is a fantastic method to make the most of a space that might otherwise be wasted. To create a smooth progression from the inside to the outside of the home, the decking might be brought up to the same level as the foundations of the building.

For decks built on sloped properties, having well-developed plans and using skilled artisans to construct the deck are two strategies to ensure the deck’s longevity. If you follow these steps, you can ensure that your wood decking will remain stable for many years to arrive.

3.   Requires Minimal Upkeep

Timber decking requires less maintenance than other types of outdoor flooring. In contrast to other types of decking, such as stone or concrete, timber decking does not need to be painted or sealed on a regular basis. Because of this, you can be certain that your deck will endure for more years to come without degrading or requiring an excessive amount of maintenance on your part.

The easiest way to maintain the pristine condition of your timber deck is to sweep it on a regular basis and remove any accumulation of dirt, dust, or other debris. This will keep the deck looking as clean as it did when it was first installed. The lifespan of the wood may be extended with routine care such as this, which will also avoid unpleasant concerns such as discolouration and rotting.

4.   Sturdy and Durable

Timber decking’s a good choice for areas with high foot traffic because it is both strong and durable. With proper maintenance and care, your timber deck can endure for more years. It is a wonderful option for people who are searching for robust flooring solutions for their deck or patio since it is both water and stain resistant.

5.   Restore the Backyard’s Look

Decking made of timber is an excellent choice for giving your outdoor area a welcoming and earthy atmosphere that is in keeping with the style of the rest of your home and yard. Your backyard will seem to be less like a boring stretch of tarmac or grass if you install a timber deck because of the visual appeal and texture it will provide to the space. A timber deck is created from actual wood. Because timber decking is available in such a wide variety of designs and styles, it won’t be difficult for you to find the one that suits your preference. Because it can be painted or stained in a variety of colours and patterns, wood is an extremely adaptable material.

Both timber and composite decking have the potential to assist you in achieving the desired appearance in the space you have designated for outdoor activities. In addition to its other advantages, composite decking provides a greater variety of colours than traditional wood decking does.


Timber decking is a great choice for homeowners looking to update their homes without spending too much money. It can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing any signs of wear and tear, and it is also resistant to decay, insects, and moisture.

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