5 Trendy Design Ideas for a Modern Bathroom


A relaxing shower at the beginning or the end of the day is a must for everyone’s health and well-being. This is why many people spend thousands to ensure that they have the best bathroom features. Every year, there are design trends that influence most bathroom renovation projects. So if you’re looking to modernise your shower area, here are the top ideas on how to make it more luxurious.

Add a modular unit with add-on features

Modular shower cabins are not only high-quality but may be equipped with the latest features. A self-contained unit is pre-fabricated and ready to install. Thus, you can save time and money on renovation costs. A modular unit with all the bells and whistles can also double as a steam shower. It looks like a pod with electrical installations, jets, and steam openings. Modern models can also include ambient lighting, music, and sleek design.

Modular shower cubicles are perfect for modern-style bathrooms. However, this option may not be the best fit for a traditional bath. Nevertheless, you can still choose a style, size, or shape that will complement any interior or aesthetic.

Steam room or sauna

A custom-built steam room or sauna is a must-have for a spa-like bathroom experience. You can have the luxury of going to a spa in your own home – which makes it accessible and convenient. This addition is trendy because of the many benefits of a steam bath. Steam helps improve blood circulation and reduce respiratory problems. A steam bath before bed also helps with improving sleep. Lastly, a few minutes inside a steam room or sauna opens up pores and releases toxins built up inside the body.

All-glass enclosures

Glass enclosures are one of the simplest ways to modernise bathroom design. See-through shower enclosures create an illusion of space, making the bathroom appear bigger and cleaner. It also helps make the room look brighter – which is the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms or those with small windows.

Wet room

A wet room is another trendy design idea for those looking to enhance their bathroom space. Removing the doors or enclosures to the shower will help emphasise the tiles and other bathroom fixtures. Think of a wet room as an open floor plan albeit for a bathroom. It gives the room a spa-like appeal, which is also beneficial if you’re living with people having trouble with mobility.

Constructing a wet room isn’t as complicated as one may expect. Of course, you need to ensure that the contractor understands your desired design to ensure the best possible execution. What you need to ensure here is to contain the shower water in one area and make the drainage more efficient to prevent accidents.

Overhead shower fixtures

Large-sized shower fixtures built overhead are another trendy design in most modern bathrooms. It simulates a luxurious shower experience most common in hotels and resorts. These showers ensure a consistent water flow and are often self-pressurised. You can add ambient music or lighting to the shower room, further enhancing the mood and your shower experience. Apart from lighting, these shower fixtures can also come equipped with a vertical shower spray system or handheld nozzles.


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