7 Reasons to Install a Steam Shower at Home

A trip to a spa or sauna is one way to relax. You can bring this experience to your home by installing a steam shower in your bathroom. Steam showers are enclosed shower stalls that prevent moisture from escaping. The steam generator will heat and boil water, which produces steam that goes out to the steam head, so you can sweat out.

The addition of a steam shower will do an instant upgrade to your bathroom. It will turn it from a simple to a luxurious one. More advanced models offer other features like controlling it through a remote, changing the lighting base on your mood, adding scents, and playing music. Aside from luxury, there are other benefits that you can enjoy from installing it in your bathroom. Here are some of them.

It helps you relax

One of the main reasons why people go to a sauna or spa is to relax. The steam in this shower will give that soothing feeling, making you feel relaxed. Aside from relieving stress, it will also help you sleep better. It’s a perfect way to end a tiring day and ensure that you will have enough rest and energy for the next day.

Improves skin

The steam eliminates dead cells on the skin. It also opens your pores allowing your skin to breathe and also absorb nutrients better. The cooling system of your body will improve, giving you that beautiful glow.

Enhances blood circulation

The heat coming from the steam widens the blood vessels, allowing blood to circulate properly to different parts of the body. It ensures that your body gets the right level of oxygen that it needs to function correctly. Proper blood circulation also prevents various health problems, including high blood pressure.

Alleviates muscle pain

After an intense physical activity like a workout or doing manual labour, your joints and muscles may be sore. Taking a steam shower will relieve your muscle and joint pains. The heat will soothe the tenderness and will give you instant relief.

Treats colds

The steam will help decongest your nose and chest, allowing you to breathe easier. It also loosens mucus, so you can easily release it. If you are suffering from a stuffed nose, cough, and other respiratory problems, taking a steam shower can make you feel better.

Helps increase metabolism

A steam shower is not a replacement for a balanced diet and regular exercise if you wish to lose weight. However, it also has an effect that can help achieve that goal. The heat increases the pulse rate, which in turn increases metabolism. A fast metabolism can help you lose weight. You burn calories while enjoying relaxing steam.

Releases toxins

A steam shower will let you sweat. The pores open and the toxins that build up inside the body are released through the form of sweats. It is good for your overall health, and it will also make you feel refreshed. It has a positive effect on your skin, as it makes it clearer.

If you love going for a relaxing trip to the sauna or spa, invest in a steam shower at home. You will have instant access to it anytime, and you will save money in the long run.

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