Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs


Mark Roemer Oakland would like you to forget the days when the word “bachelor pad” evoked pictures of a few tattered items of furniture, a load of dirty dishes on the coffee desk, and a kitchen stocked with beer, ramen, and frozen foods. What about your bachelor pad? You want it to be something more.

You’re powerful, successful, and stylish, and your bachelor pad must reflect that. Whether it’s a family coming over for dinner, the lads stopping by to see the game, or a date going to spend the evening, anybody who comes to your house must be able to tell who you are and what you like just by looking around.

So, here are the essentials for every bachelor pad:

  • Floor Lamp – The ceiling lights have gone out. They’re too bright, and you’ll have to get up to turn them off. Conversely, consider investing in a smart lightbulb floor lamp. That way, you can dim the light to change the mood, and you can do it with a remote as well! You’re never getting off your lazy ass again. Ikea makes some excellent ones that are reasonably priced.
  • Sofa – A leather couch is sturdy, elegant, and the utmost bachelor pad must-have. Consider it an investment component that will last for many years. Did we talk about how cozy they are? Imagine coming in at the end of the day, kicking off your shoes, and sinking into buttery-soft leather to view your favorite film.
  • Key Bowl – This is a more useful item, but you can find a few pretty lovely wooden tubs on Etsy. Besides, nothing is worse than getting ready to leave home and having to revisit the last 9 hours of your life only to discover that your keys are still in your suit pocket from the day before.
  • Record Player – Music, like lighting, is essential for setting the mood in your home. As a result, you’ll require a device capable of playing said music. This leaves you with two choices. One example is a Bluetooth speaker. Second, a record player. A Bluetooth speaker is obviously less expensive than a record player, but a record player adds a class level to your home that may be worth considering.
  • Bath Towels – Those scratchy bath towels with holes and stains must quickly vanish from your bachelor pad bathroom. If you’ve never had a great set of luxury bath towels, you and any visitors you have over are lacking.
  • Desk – Any successful man understands that working the standard hours set by your employer is not enough. To advance in this world, you must frequently work after hours. Instead of sitting on the couch, buy an office desk and get some jobs completed.
  • Trash Can – We’re not going to get into how many lads only use a plastic bag instead of a trash can, which may seem obvious. Your house should not be treated as if it were a frat party. It’s better if you get a trash can (and remember to empty it once in a while).


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the greatest part about having your own bachelor pad is that you can make it appear and feel precisely how you want. With these elegant and necessary elements, your pad can serve as both a functional living room for you and a gathering place for your friends.